Majority of the industrial sheds and warehouses have GI sheet roofing. These roof sheets are fixed with J bolts and nuts. Over a period of time these joints get rusted and the holes get widened. These widened holes result in leakage of water. Also the joints of these sheets are very much prone to water leakage. Even if any sealants are used with the bolts, these will come off in a short time.

ROOF CARE provides a full proof solution for this problem. Spray Applied Polyurethane is used to form seamless and fully bonded water proofing layer as well as heat insulation covering the entire sheet roofing. This foam seals all the joints and the holes of bolts. The Polyurethane foam is then covered with an acrylic UV resistant coating which results in long life of the foam. We provide manufacturer’s guarantee for a period of 10 years for the system installed by us. The Polyurethane foam from ROOF CARE Co.L.L.C is Dubai Central Laboratory Certified. This is a perfect solution which will protect the metal roofed building from water leakage and heat thus resulting in long life of the building.

System Details


The Substrate – Sheet Roof:

The majority of industrial sheds and warehouses have non insulated GI sheets as roofing. As a standard installation method these roofing sheets are fixed with J bolts and nuts. Due to the harsh climate and weather conditions the risk is high, that sheet joints may get rusted and the fixation holes get widened. These joints and holes can be the root cause of water leakages in GI sheet roofs, even if sealants are used to seal and tighten the bolts.



Waterproofing and Thermal Insulation:

ROOF CARE provides spray applied polyurethane foam systems as seamless waterproofing and thermal insulation for such sheet roofs. To assure best bonding of the seamless system, the roof is to be properly cleaned by compressed prior to the application. Once the roof is clean of dust and any other substances which may cause separation, the ROOF CARE application team sprays POLYFOAM Polyurethane Foam (in compliance with ASTM C1029-09) directly on the GI sheets to assure seamless and fully bonded waterproofing and thermal insulation. With this spray technology all joints and bolt holes are sealed and covered. The thickness of the polyurethane foam can be adjusted to achieve certain Thermal Conductivity Values (U-Value).


Protective Coating:

To protect the seamless waterproofing and thermal insulation, the Polyurethane Foam has to be covered with an acrylic UV resistant coating. This coating is an additional waterproofing layer which protects and prolongs the life cycle of the foam. This system build up assures the long lasting and reliable waterproofing and thermal insulation of roofs with GI Sheet Roofing.


  • 10 years manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Waterproofing and thermal insulation in one system
  • Approved by Dubai Central Lab Certified insulation
  • Holds DCL product conformity mark for PU foam
  • Fully bonded to the surface
  • Perfect solution for new and existing industrial sheds and warehouses


Roof Joint Details

Gutter Details