Combo Roof

Combo Roof system is a comprehensive system comprising of waterproofing, thermal insulation and finishing for the roof. Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) Certified PU Foam system which forms joint free water proofing and thermal insulation fully bonded to the roof slab.

Combo Cool Roof

Professional team of Roof Care offers a complete water proofing, thermal insulation and finishing system meeting the latest Dubai Municipality Green Building regulations. A combination of Spray applied Polyurethane and high quality SRI coating, keeps the roof really cool.

Metal Roof

Majority of the industrial sheds and warehouses have GI sheet roofing. These roof sheets are fixed with J bolts and nuts. Over a period of time these joints gets rusted and the holes gets widened. ROOF CARE provides a foolproof solution for this problem.


Why is the roof leaking? Where is the roof leaking from? Why is our energy bill so high? Why do we have to maintain our roof that often? Etc. These are common complaints raised about roof waterproofing systems.

Roof care found the answer for all these questions with the unique Combo roof system. This long lasting, high performance roofing solution combines several fully bonded waterproofing layers with a spray on insulation layer to assure foolproof water proofing with high thermal insulation. Applied using time saving installation techniques and supported by trusted building competence from Henkel, Combo roof is the first choice for customers who rely on quality. When it comes to roof waterproofing, sustainability has not been the most deciding factor. Main focus is laid on waterproofing properties of economical systems. As we all have to protect our environment and cannot wait any longer to save energy, Combo roof as a complete supply and apply roofing solution combines THERMAL INSULATION and GUARANTEED WATER PROOFING within the system which assures sustainable roofing.


    Cost Effective Roofing System
    Lower electricity consumption due to better insulation
    Joint free waterproofing and insulation
    Load bearing capacity of 2.5T/m²
    Easy repair & maintenance
    Single submittal & approval for the entire system
    Roof tiles not required
    Fully mechanized time saving installation procedures
    Ability & capacity to undertake fast track projects
    Multilayer Waterproofing

Guaranteed Waterproofing

Products and their performance do not matter alone when it comes to waterproofing. The application has utmost importance. This is why Combo roof is just installed by ROOFCARE to assure the highest performance of all system elements. It starts with the spray application of the 2-component PU foam to assure 100 percent bonding to the substrate and ends with the application of the final liquid applied final coating. With own team of 400 plus trained employees, Roof care undertakes installation and ensures quality following right application methods recommended by the parent organization that manufactures all relevant components of the system.

Trusted Competence

Roofcare is a member of the US Green Building Council and known as approved solution provider for authorities and clients like Dubai Municipality, Public Works Department, Estidama and Trakhees with more than 3000 projects across the GCC with a complaint rate less than 0.2%. This is why customers trust our competence. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we are committed to deliver and install high quality thermal protection and roof waterproofing systems that are guaranteed for a life time of 25 years. Backed up with the R&D support of Henkel, we assure highest quality standards and develop new roofing systems as the known innovation driver in roof waterproofing solutions.

Time Efficency

Combo roof is the fastest way to insulate and waterproof your entire roof. Highly efficient spray technologies, specially designed detailing and perfectly matching system components combined with the employment of modern application technologies enables the Comboroofsystem to save up to 40% time compared with a standard500m² roofing system. Furthermore, the use of standardized systems and optimized application techniques reduces the risk of application errors and leads as such to the most secure roofing installation. With all this measure, Comboroof is designed with four effectively fullybonded waterproofing layers which make any water leakage more or less impossible. Combo roof is fast and reliable roofing.