Garage or Basement slab, the slabs between Air conditioned & non Air conditioned areas should be insulated thermally to reduce the thermal bridging. Garage system is designed to protect this slabs against cooling loss and noises by using lamella Rockwool insulation boards with high work-ability and flexibility.

Wool Garage Characteristics

  • Highly thermal insulation properties
  • Acoustic insulation increase
  • Easy and quick workability
  • Providing easy application of boards
  • No need for grinding and anchoring
  • Adaptive for machine application

Wool Garage Features

Ceresit CT 180 MW STRONG FIX Adhesive Mortar for Mineral Wool or Ceresit CT 190 MW FLEX Adhesive and Reinforcing Mortar for Mineral Wool

Insulation material
mineral wool

Priming paint
Ceresit CT 16 Priming Paint

Ceresit CT 137 Mineral Plaster


Ceresit CT 54 Silicate Paint