Ceretherm Impactum system well equipped for any impact, it is designed to sustain heavy mechanical and extreme weather impacts with highly resistant EIFS. Extremely durable system with 100J impact resistance(regular upto 6-10J) to mechanical damages and heavy thermal tension.

Ceresit Impactum System


  • Extreme durability
  • Extreme flexibility and impact resistance to mechanical damage (100 J) and thermal stresses
  • Strengthened with carbon, glass and polyacrylamide fibres
  • Extreme UV resistance
  • Highly hydrophobic (deep structural hydrophobisation)
  • Extremely low water uptake of the system
  • High resistance to biological contamination (structure and structural hydrophobicity)
  • Self cleaning and dirt resistant
  • Excellent working parameters
  • Quick and convenient in installation ( rendering mortar R2U – no priming paint)
  • Possible use of dark and intense colours (HBW‡ 5%) on facades

Strongly recommended for

Socles, fronts of buildings and entrances

Ceretherm Impactum


Ceresit CT 83 Adhesive Mortar (optionally ZS/CT 81, Thermo Universal, ZU/CT 82), plastic anchors Ceresit CT 330 or CT 335 with a steel core or others classified as ETAG 014, number of fasteners and their arrangement should be determined by an architect, based on the substrate analysis and load calculations

Insulation material

EPS-boards marked Ceresit CT 315 (or others classified as PN-EN 13163:2004) with thickness up to 25 cm, with a flat or shaped end face

Reinforced layer

Ceresit CT 325 Glass fibre mesh with a density of ≥160 g/m2, Ceresit CT 327 Glass fibre mesh with a density of ≥330 g/m2, Ceresit CT 100 IMPACTUM

Priming paint



Recommended: Ceresit CT 79 Elastomeric Plaster Ceresit CT 60 ‘stone’ Acrylic Plaster, Ceresit CT 72 ’stone’ Silicate Plaster, Ceresit CT 74 ‘stone’ Silicone Plaster, Ceresit CT 77 Mosaic Plaster, Ceresit CT 174 ‘stone’ Silicate-Silicone Plaster


Ceresit CT 42, CT 44 Acrylic Paints, Ceresit CT 48 Silicone Paint, Ceresit CT 54 Silicate Paint, Ceresit CT 49 Silix XD® Nanosilicone Paint

Especially recommended for

Buildings located in areas with high temperatures differences, tough weather conditions and strong UV exposure, buildings located in high air humidity areas and buildings located in air polluted areas (close to roads, industrial areas)

Recommended substrates

Aerated concrete (dry) well ventilated building, concrete, ceramic bricks and ceramic blocks

Recommended buildings

Single family houses, blocks of flats up to 11 floors (up to 25 m) and public buildings