Innovative & Extension

Garage System

Garage or Basement slab, the slabs between Air conditioned & non-Air conditioned areas should be insulated thermally to reduce the thermal bridging..

Ceresit Impactum

Ceretherm Impactum system well equipped for any impact, it is designed to sustain heavy mechanical and extreme weather impacts with highly resistant EIFS.

Ceresit Express

Cementitious adhesives are highly inconvenient due to their weight, consumption, necessity of mixing with water, application & dry time.


Henkel’s extensive research and development generates a constant flow of innovative products and system solutions based on new technologies.

      • Henkel bases its activities on a research and development approach whereby experienced chemists and engineers translate all pertinent market research findings into customized products that make hands-on work easier, faster and healthier.
      • Company has implemented internal processes that specifically foster an innovative thinking process.


Ceresit Impactum Ball test

Ceresit Extreme flexibility test