Decorative Profiles

Henkel offers a wide range of architectural profiles for both residential and commercial applications. Its high quality, durability and flexibility offer creative and practical solutions to the designer to give each building its distinctive style. The profiles are available in different sizes and shapes from straight lengths to arches and curves. The designs complement both the modern and the contemporary thus enabling the preservation of the style, aesthetics and beauty of both classic and modern architecture.


Henkel’s architectural profiles are manufactured under strict quality control to ensure a product exclusive in its design, superior in its quality and resistant to UV radiation, rain or other harsh environment.





The materials used for our profiles are extremely durable and resistant to environmental influences. It is impact – resistant with an excellent surface texture to ensure reliable coatings on smooth or textured surfaces. These qualities make it a preferred investment for those who seek security and a lasting aesthetic appearance of their homes or buildings.

Light weight

The profiles are crafted from high quality Expanded Polystyrene Foam, which apart from being light in weight enables the profile to be perfectly aligned to any requirements or shape thus giving the designer a free rein in creating and executing solutions

Superior Quality

Our manufacturing process incorporates the use of high quality materials and a superior durable surface. The system consists of a reinforced mesh and an acrylic polymer cement surface which can be painted or textured.


Light in weight, easily workable and quick to install, Henkel profiles is the delight of any designer. The quality and durability of the materials used ensures technically perfect solutions. Mitre cuts can be produced for perfect fits and a spectrum of designs can be produced ranging from straight to angular and a variety of arches, rustications and supports.


Our profiles are impact-resistant and highly resistant to chemicals, water and other environmental influences.